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Rugby Canada

  • What is the RCDA?


    The Rugby Canada Development Academy (RCDA) serves to facilitate the Development of future Olympians and National Team Athletes. Aspiring athletes from across the country are recruited through various talent identification pathways, coming together to train full time in Rugby Canada's high-performance environment at the Al Charron National Training Centre in Langford, BC. 

    Mission Statement

    The RCDA exists to provide an environment that supports up-and-coming female rugby players in achieving their aspirations of competing for the National Senior Women’s teams, and winning gold medals at the Olympic Games.  We believe that we give athletes the best opportunity to achieve these goals when we work ethically and with integrity to develop the holistic student-athlete.



    Growth Mindset

    Consistent application of physical and mental resources is required to achieve desired growth in skills, abilities, and character.  This adaptation occurs when an internal or external pressure forces the individual to respond.  There will be times in which perseverance is required to overcome adversity.  A commitment to this process will lead to success and a developed resiliency for future challenges.


    Personal Accountability

    Personal accountability for how we manage ourselves and interact with others is necessary in order to achieve national team success.  Self-management of behaviors including punctuality, attitude, and preparation are required to create a foundation upon which learning can occur.  The communication and interaction we have with others must be inclusive, and respectful in order to facilitate team success.



    We require support from multiple networks to achieve our goals.  Maintaining positive and mutually beneficial relationships with schools, families, and local communities are necessary to attain our rugby aspirations.  Giving back to these communities in meaningful ways is important to grow these partnerships, develop holistic student-athletes, and represent Rugby Canada.