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    The Rugby Canada Development Academy is a high school program focused on the development of aspiring National Women’s 7’s players.  We aspire to provide an environment in which the demands of high performance sport and education are blended to enable success within both endeavours.  We are located in Langford British Columbia and complete sport sessions at the Al Charron National Training Centre and Westhills Stadium, both of which are encompassed as part of Rugby Canada’s Centre of Excellence.  The Academy is partnered with Belmont Senior Secondary High School to provide integration of scholastic and athletic pursuits. 

  • Purpose, Principles & Values


    Leaders lead themselves

    We believe self mastery is the foundation upon which leaders emerge. We endeavour to provide opportunities through which young men and women can attain the necessary skills and experience to become leaders in sport, academics, and their community.


    Challenge provides the stimulus for growth

    Environments in which individual perceptions of competency are questioned removes the barrier to continued self development. This process must be accompanied by provision of family members, friends, teachers, coaches, and role models that act as a safety net to ensure that a support system is in place to traverse both success and failure.


    Integrity in the words and actions of all members of the Academy Program.

    Perseverance to the process of self improvement through any obstacles we may encounter.

    Faith in each other and ourselves.

  • Academics

    Belmont High School

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    Mission Statement:

    Belmont strives to be a community where people feel inspired, acknowledged and supported.

    Through rich and diverse programs, within an environment of mutual respect, and in cooperation with the community, we will foster the attitudes, skills and knowledge which encourage individuals to risk the untried, and to be independent, life-long learners and productive citizens.

    High school classes will be conducted at Belmont High School.

    Visit their website:

    Example Schedule

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    Belmont High School Bell Schedule

    Please click the following link for Belmont High School's Bell Schedule: Click Here


    Athletic Credits

    • Academic credits are awarded for involvement in sport specific training at the Center of Excellence (Individual Sports Training 10/11/12, Human Sport Performance 10/11/12, Physical Education 10/11/12, Cross Training (IGNITE) 10/11/12).
  • Sport

    The Al Charron Rugby Canada National Training Centre

    Website_Build2_Newsletter_1500x800.jpg (947 KB)The Al Charron Rugby Canada National Training Centre has been designed to create the best daily training environment possible, centralizing all the necessary aspects of high performance training.  The centre features a state of the art gymnasium featuring elite strength and conditioning equipment, onsite therapy and treatment rooms, hydrotherapy pools, locker rooms, meeting rooms set up for video analysis, kitchen and dining lounge, and three double occupancy bedroom studio units. The Centre is located adjacent to Westhills Stadium, further complementing the enhanced resources available to Rugby Canada’s national teams. To build on the legacy of rugby in Canada, the facility will also feature the Rugby Canada Hall of Fame and Museum.

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    Example Schedule


    Seminar sessions cover a range of topics centered on high-performance sport involvement and could include:

    • Leadership
    • Nutrition
    • Mental performance
    • Recovery
    • Time management
    • Video analysis


    Medical support is provided to Academy athletes on a case by case basis.  Our therapy team provides daily check – ins with athletes to assess any new or existing injuries and provide exercise modifications and additions as necessary.  For any injures that require further treatment, therapy is provided after sport and school hours.  Injured athletes are expected to attend all sport sessions and participate in rehabilitation exercises and observe training unless restricted from doing so due the nature of their injury.

    Player Assessment Overview

    Academy players will regularly receive individual performance feedback to enhance personal growth and development. In addition to the informal feedback that will be provided by coaching staff on a regular basis within the daily training environment, athletes will be given quarterly comprehensive athletic reviews. Quarterly assessments incorporate objective and subjective monitoring in order to track player development and performance across short and long term time frames.

    Objective: Data driven performance metrics based on Gold Medal Profile performance metrics as well as national team standards. This feedback will ensure that performance gaps are being addressed and that the player is meeting the expected outcomes of the Rugby Academy program. Examples of these objective measures are sprint times, fitness levels, and strength scores.

    Subjective: Observation and reflection from coaching staff in relation to key performance indicators. This feedback will ensure that performance gaps are being addressed and that the player is meeting the expected outcomes of the Rugby Academy program. Examples of these subjective measures are technical and tactical rugby understanding and ability, approach to training, and coach-ability.

    Sanix Tournament

    The Sanix World Rugby Youth Invitational Tournament is a prestigious international rugby union tournament for women’s 7 a side youth teams which is held every year during the Golden Week holidays (29 April – 5/6 May) in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan. Participation is by invitation only, and the overseas schools selected by their respective unions to represent their country are generally expected to be of a high standard and among the top five in each country. The event is hosted by the Japan Rugby Football Union and supported by various local bodies including the Kyushu RFU, the Sanix Sports Foundation and Munakata City. The Global Arena in Munakata, Fukuoka on the island of Kyūshū is the venue for this tournament.

    The Sanix World Rugby Youth Tournament has become the pinnacle of the sport for school rugby, with the champions being considered the strongest school-age rugby team in the world

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    Map of the Local Area

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  • Applications

    Selection Process

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    Graduating players are in their final year of high school and are no longer eligible to be a member of the Academy in subsequent years. Continuation players have at least one year of high school to complete and will be offered a position within the academy for the next year. Exit athletes have not shown a performance standard that is necessary to maintain involvement in the Academy. All athletes will receive the last of their quarterly review documents with a written statement from the Academy Director giving a comprehensive review of the individuals most recent year in the academy.

    Online Link to Application Page

    For a link to the online application click HERE.

  • Current/Past Athletes

    Current Athletes

    • Maliyah Colombes

    • William Credicott

    • Olivia DeCouveur

    • Sierra Gillis

    • Madison Grant

    • Carmen Izyk

    • Maggie MacKinnon

    • Lucas Nielsen

    • Ashley Stephenson

    • Zoe Williams