Canadian Rugby Championship Day 5 Recap

Logan Martin-Feek
Rugby 15s Senior Women, Rugby 15s U20 Women, Rugby 15s U19 Men

Day 5 of the Canadian Rugby Championship got underway with the first round of the U19 men’s playoff.

We watched as Quebec, the winner of pool A played Ontario the runner-up in pool B. With a place in the finals up for grabs, this game was everything you would expect. Both teams came out hard and competed until the final whistle blew, however Ontario will be headed to the finals after winning the match 26-17. Ethan Hager of Ontario has been impressive thus far, scoring 4 tries for his province, along with Jack McCarthy of the Rock. Quebec will have to rally their troops and prepare for a third place matchup against BC. In the second semi-final of the U19 group, we saw The Rock who won group B and BC who were the runners up in group A compete in a very tense match, that was won by the slightest of margins. The Rock secured a 10-point lead at half time, and despite British Columbia’s best efforts, they were able to keep that lead through to the final whistle; winning the matchup 17-7. This brings us a final match of Ontario against The Rock on Sunday at noon local time.

The third place finisher in each of the U19 pools plays in a 2- game series against one-another, with this years third place finishers being The Prairie Blizzard and the Alberta Wolf pack. The first round of their matchup saw the Wolf pack controlling the majority of the game, however it wasn’t without a lack of effort from the Blizzard. The Wolfpack took this game 51-15. They meet up again on Sunday at 10am local time.

In the U20 Women’s division, Ontario played Nova Scotia in a highly contested match. Both teams were able to secure an ever-important bonus point, however Ontario walked away with the win 29-24. Taylour Hurd has earned highest point scorer thus far in the tournament with 28 points. Also in the U20 women’s division, Quebec played BC, winning the match 36-14. Ontario is now at the top of the U20 women’s division with 14 points while the Wolf pack sits in second with 10. The Wolf pack also has a game at hand on the rest of the teams.

Also, we would like to thank all the match officials who, without them, we could not have a tournament of this caliber. We have been very pleased with the efforts the entire Match Officiating crew has put into their week – from the focus on game-to-game review and development to the off-field focus on recovery and habits. The purpose of the week is both to perform in key areas of the game and to help prepare officials for what the next stage in their officiating careers will require of them,” said Nathan Abdelnour, Match Official Development Manager for Rugby Canada. “We want to extend a particular congratulations to Dale Hall on his allocation to the Men’s U19 Final between the Atlantic Rock and Ontario Blues. His leadership off the field and his focus on continual improvement on the field have been noticeable all week, and tomorrow’s match provides an opportunity for him to put it all together and help the players establish a platform to perform. Dale is a first year National Panel Referee and we are excited about where his refereeing will take him moving forward. This tournament, and his professional level of performance throughout the week, is an indication of where he can go in the long-term. He has absolutely risen to the challenge this week and we look forward to seeing him run out there tomorrow.”

Today and Sunday promise to bring you exciting rugby from all groups, so don’t forget to tune in.

Today “Player” Profile:

Name: Dale Hall
Team: Referee Team
Date Of Birth: August 31, 2018
Home Club: Canadian Whistleblowers RC
Place of Birth: Niagara Falls, ON
Sporting Hero? Matt Fraser
Best advice/Favorite quote? No one cares, work harder.
If you could meet one person who would it be? Adam “Bomb” Jones
Favourite rugby memory: Helping one of my close friends propose to his, then, girlfriend while on the rugby pitch!
All-time favorite movie? Rocky IV

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