Rugby Canada Releases 2019 Match Official Professional Development Webinar Series

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Rugby Canada is pleased to announce the release of our 2019 Match Official Professional Development Webinar Series. We have a vast array of topics we will be covering throughout the year, ranging from the technical aspects of the game of rugby to the more psychological aspects of the role of the match official.

“When it comes to the development of the content for the 2019 Match Official PD Webinar Series, we really wanted to ensure we had a reference point to start with,” said Nathan Abdelnour, Manager of Match Official Development. “With the help of several stakeholders in the game we have developed the Rugby Canada Referee Profile, outlining the 3 areas for referees to focus on, and the 5 factors we will be looking for consistency and improvement on amongst all officials across the country.”
Every webinar will link directly to these key factors, as well as outline how Coaches of Match Officials can use the information to help develop referees. Most importantly, though, each webinar will also have a specific discussion on the importance of refereeing foul play accurately and remind all stakeholders of the importance of player welfare.
“In our referee survey sent out to the rugby membership at the end of 2018, we received some feedback indicating that officiating of foul play was inconsistent across the country. As such, we added some specific content around player welfare and properly refereeing foul play in each webinar. Player welfare is of paramount importance, and we want to provide as many opportunities as possible to outline all of the ways officials can help establish a safe playing environment,” said Abdelnour. “Rugby Canada’s PlaySmart program is our minimum standard of compliance for coaches and match officials to participate in the game of rugby in Canada, and our Professional Development Webinar Series is designed to help supplement that program.”
For more information on the 2019 Match Official Professional Development Webinar Series, please contact Nathan Abdelnour by email at
Please find a list of links and resources below in regards to the 2019 Match Official PD Webinar Series:
Webinar Topics and Dates
Game Preparation & Review
Monday, February 11
Webinar Registration Link:
Age Grade Variations
Monday, February 25
Webinar Registration Link:
Tuesday, March 19
Webinar Registration Link:
Tackle & Ruck
Monday, April 8
Webinar Registration Link:
Tuesday, May 14
Webinar Registration Link:
Restarts & Lineouts
Monday, June 10
Webinar Registration Link:
Managing Space
Monday, July 8
Webinar Registration Link:
Communication & Managing Conflict
Monday, August 12
Webinar Registration Link:
Managing Stress
Monday, September 9
Webinar Registration Link:
Refereeing Sevens
Monday, September 30
Webinar Registration Link:
Fitness & Personal Well-Being
Monday, November 4
Webinar Registration Link:
Season Review
Monday, December 2
Webinar Registration Link:
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