A heartfelt thanks to the team behind the team

Rugby 15s Senior Men

Rugby Canada would like to express its sincere appreciation and thanks to the dedicated and talented group of individuals who have played a critical role in Canada’s 2019 Rugby World Cup journey.   

Our staff is the backbone of our organization and we can't thank them enough for their countless hours of hard work and commitment to our teams.

Canada's Rugby World Cup 2019 staff:

  • Kingsley Jones - Head Coach
  • Gruff Rees- Assistant Coach – Attack 
  • Richard Wigglesworth- Assistant  Coach – Defense 
  • Boris Stankovich- Assistant Coach - Set Piece 
  • Ray Barkwill- Assistant Coach - Skills & Logistics 
  • Michael Deasy- Head S&C Coach
  • Alana Gattinger- National Team Manager
  • Mallory White- Head Physiotherapist
  • Alistair Wilson- Assistant Physiotherapist 
  • Dr. Billy Longland- Doctor
  • Dr. Peet du Toit- Doctor
  • Wilhelm Horn- Head Analyst
  • Mark Roberts- Assistant Analyst
  • Gareth Rees- Media Manager
  • Graham Henry- Coaching Support  - Consultant
  • Huw Wiltshire- Coaching Support  - Performance Consultant 

Tournament Staff:

  • Steve Conway
  • Yumi Nakano
  • Aika Ohira
  • Junichi Watanabe