HSBC Bank Community Rugby Fund

The HSBC Bank Community Rugby Fund is a program that offers a wide breadth of grants aimed to benefit the sustainability and growth of rugby across Canada. The Fund, presented in partnership by Rugby Canada and HSBC Bank Canada, allows all registered rugby clubs, as well as schools and community organizations in Canada, to submit an application for funding based on the guidelines and criteria provided by the program. All submissions will be given equal consideration and recipients of the grants will be announced later this year.

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    The Idea
    A community organization identifies an opportunity to grow, develop or protect rugby within their local community.

    The Application
    A project lead completes the electronic application and submits to Rugby Canada by December 7th, 2021.

    The Project
    Successful community organizations receive funding to support projects.  Rugby Canada will work in partnership with successful projects to promote the great work that is being done to cultivate community rugby.


    Eligible projects include those that cultivate, develop and protect the community rugby.

    Priority will be given to those Rugby Club, School or Community Organizations that applies for grant funding that focuses on cultivating the community game with special consideration given to projects that:

    • Increase female representation within a club, school, or community organization.
    • Enhance or support participants that are Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour to become involved with or stay involved with rugby.
    • Introduce New Programs within a rugby community that did not previously exist.

    CLICK HERE to view the Community Rugby Fund Overview
    CLICK HERE to view the Terms and Conditions of the Community Rugby Fund
    CLICK HERE to download the Community Rugby Fund Budget Template - PLEASE DOWNLOAD BY CLICKING "FILE -> DOWNLOAD -> MICROSOFT EXCEL"


    CLICK HERE to view the Community Rugby Fund Application form (PDF).

    Please submit the Community Rugby Fund Application PDF to Applications will be accepted until December 7 2021. 


    Successful applications will be announced in December, 2021.